About us

Campen offers lunch weekdays between 11.00-13.30. The café is open from 08:00 to 14:30.
At Campen you can also order food, cakes, sandwich cakes and other pastries for your parties, or book our restaurant privately!

Our Staff

These amazing chefs cook the delicious food at Campen.
Come in for lunch and say Hi to us!

Work at Campen

We are constantly looking for new employees who can help our business. Contact us / submit your free-form application today!


The restaurant got its start in 2015 when the old art school in Nykarleby was closed down and developed into business premises.
Since then, Campen has served a high-class lunch next to Jakobstadvägen.

Our vision.

We make all dishes from scratch, no semi-finished products are used.
We also try as far as possible to use local producers and locally grown.
Contact us if you have questions regarding our food.

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